Church Sacraments

Baptisms take place most Saturdays by arrangements/booking with the parish office.

N.B. At least two weeks notice is required.

Ardclough Font
First Communion
First Communion 2024

Enrolment Ceremony – Kill Church (2023)
** Saturday, October 21st at 6.30pm

Enrolment Ceremony – Ardclough Church (2023)
** Sunday, October 22nd at 9.30am
First Confession – Kill Church (2024)
** Thursday, February 29th at 7.30pm

First Confession – Ardclough Church (2024)
** Monday, February 26th at 7.30pm
First Communion Day – Kill Church (2024)
** Saturday, May 18th at 11.00am (Ms Buckley’s class)
** Saturday, May 18th at 1.00pm (Ms Wright’s class)
** Saturday, May 25th at 11.00am (Ms Browne’s class)

First Communion Day – Ardclough Church (2024)
** Saturday, May 25th at 1.00pm

Kill (2023-2024)

Enrolment Ceremony (2023)
* Thursday, November 23rd at 7.30pm

Enrolment Mass (2023)
* Saturday 2nd December 6.30pm

Parish Programme (2024)
* Week 1 – Thursday 25th January 7pm to 8pm
* Week 2 – Thursday 22nd February 7pm to 8pm

Service of Light (2024)
* Thursday 14th March 7pm to 8pm

Confirmation Day (2024)
*Friday 26th April 10.30am + 12.00noon + 1.30pm

Ardclough (2023-2024)

Enrolment Ceremony (2023)
* Monday, November 20th at 7.30pm

Enrolment Mass (2023)
* Sunday 3rd December 9.30am

Parish Programme (2024)
* Week 1 – Monday 22nd  January 7pm to 8pm
* Week 2 – Monday 19th  February 7pm to 8pm

Service of Light (2024)
* Monday 11th March 7pm to 8pm

Confirmation Day (2024)
Saturday 27th April 11.00am + 1.00pm

Wedding Rings

If a coouple wish to marry according to the rites and celebrations of the Catholic Church, please contact Fr Joe O’Neill to discuss and prepare plans for you wedding ceremony.

Regulations state that at least three months notice should be given and a pre-marriage preparation course be undertaken.